Missing: Have You Seen This Nail?

Knowing full well that October 4th is #NationalCatDay I decided to play around with some feline-inspired nail art, so that I could treat you to several cat-themed nail designs on the day. Because I’m nice like that. And mostly because I like cats.

I started off with a soft lilac base, then added black cat tips. It looked great. Slightly Rockabilly or Halloweeny (I could picture several outfits in Blue Banana that would have coordinated beautifully). It was too late in the evening to finish with a top coat (I didn’t want to climb into bed and destroy my handiwork) so I made the executive decision to save the picture-taking to the following day.

The following day

I was in the shower, like I am every morning, and this is when disaster struck. I slipped with the razor. Don’t ask me how – I’m still trying to work out exactly how I managed to do this. I hadn’t nicked my knee or sliced my shin; I had managed to carve a deep gash right through the centre of my fingernail. RIGHT THROUGH THE FINGERNAIL I HAD PAINTED CATS ON AND SUBSEQUENTLY NOT PHOTOGRAPHED. It was instant trauma, and I yelped loudly in pain the second it happened. Simon rushed in like a hero but at that moment I couldn’t decide which was worse; the pain and blood pulsating from my finger, or the fact I hadn’t taken a photo of my bloody nails, and now wouldn’t be able to for some time. 

To add insult to injury (and it really was an injury) it happened to my left hand, which was of course painted by my much neater right. Typical…

I may be quiet on the nail art side of things while my finger heals (and my nail grows back) so for now you will have to make do with more arts, crafts and edible makes. At least I can still celebrate #NationalCatDay with some kickass Hello Kitty plasters!

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt inspired nail art designI asked my mother for ideas for my nail “artventure” (I need to have a theme before I unleash the polish) and she didn’t hesitate with an answer.  Gustav Klimt – her favourite artist – was the inspiration behind this design.  Here’s how I achieved the look: Continue reading