Milkshake Necklace

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@colournglitter) you may have noticed that I occasionally go by ‘Miss Milkshake’ too – a pseudonym concocted by Burger Lad for whenever I’m acting as his Miss Moneypenny (let’s face it, he basically is the James Bond of the burger world).

Naturally ‘BL’ has all manner of burger-related paraphernalia, and will usually head to his next burger mission wearing his burger Vans for example. As Miss Milkshake I wanted to have my own themed goodies for when I accompanied him on burger adventures. Struggling to find anything suitable I did exactly what my mother would have suggested, and made a milkshake necklace of my very own. Continue reading

Basic Shortbread

Classic Shortbread Stars with pink sugar

My shortbread recipe has gone down really well with family, friends and colleagues.  I’ve tweaked (and in my humble opinion greatly improved) the recipe over time, and learnt a few tips along the way to get a really good result.  Once you have a recipe you’re happy with you can always add your own flavours too, giving you endless possibilities. Continue reading