Breakfast in advance: Porridge Pucks

Now I have to admit I have started calorie counting at the moment. I used to spend every minute I have in the gym, and now I don’t seem to have any free time, particularly in the morning. As a result I quickly got myself into a habit of skipping breakfast, then munching biscuits mid-morning at work when the hunger really kicked in.  Determined to break that cycle, I decided to make Porridge Pucks (their official name as far as I’m concerned) so that I had breakfast ready for the next week ahead at least, with no more excuses for missing it.

Oh, I’d like to point out that this basic porridge recipe costs about 6p per portion (before you put the toppings on anyway), and that’s using half almond milk and half water. You could be extra thrifty and just use water and oats which works out as a whopping TWO PENCE per ‘puck’ (using good ol’ Tesco Value porridge oats of course).

Mix up a big pot of porridge. Like I said, I use Tesco Value porridge oats for this. They taste fine and at only 79p for a 1kg bag I can make a ton of this stuff and barely think about it.  

For 12 pucks I used 1/4 of the bag, so 250g.  My preference for porridge is 1 part oats, 2 parts liquid – of course you can adjust this to suit you.  I’m happy making porridge with water alone, but for this batch I opted for half water, half almond milk. 

When the porridge is ready pour it into a deep muffin tray (if you can do this without slopping it all over the sides you have more patience than I do!) and leave it to cool. 

After it has cooled enough you can decorate it with whatever toppings you choose. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, a cheeky drizzle of honey or maple syrup etc.  When they’re completely cold pop them in the freezer. This is ideal for making on a Sunday, ready for the week ahead.

To warm them up either pop them in the microwave or heat them on the hob. I know I’ve made mine quite thick so I may end up adding a dash more almond milk when I cook mine. This is great for portion control too. 

Cost-wise each puck has cost 6p for the porridge base. Including some of the toppings that takes it up to 20-30p each, but even so that is still a bargain of a breakfast, and even on those days when I have to fly out of the door I know I can grab one from the freezer and heat it up at work. No more skipping breakfast, and no more bloody biscuits!