Easter Bunnies


I’ve always loved giving my nails a theme, and since today is Easter Sunday I thought I’d kick things off with an appropriately pastel-coloured Easter Bunny design.

Colours required:
Base coat/top coat
Any pastel shade (as many as you like)
White (or other rabbit colour)
Pale pink

Dotting tool (1 small, one large)

Skill level:

  1. Start off with your favourite pastel shade base.  I’ve gone for a different colour on each nail, but it looks really cute with one colour (and maybe one other accent).


2. Next you need a colour for your bunnies.  White is ideal, but you can play around with all sorts of rabbit shades.


3. First, with the nail varnish brush, paint a small arc.  This is the very top of the bunny’s head:


…then with the dotting tool paint two long ears:


4. Wait for that layer to dry (always my downfall) then use a smaller dotting tool to draw a line of pink on each ear, to give your bunny rabbits a bit more definition:


Finish with your favourite top coat, and you’re ready for the egg hunt.


I definitely prefer the blue with the white ears, so I may try this again with fewer colours.  If you’re feeling extra adventurous this would wok really well with a gradient background, but overall this is a nice and relatively simple design, which also works brilliantly on shorter nails.  Not everyone has salon talons!  I decided against adding eyes or noses as I didn’t want the design to look too busy, but if my nails were longer I’d give it a go.  If you try this one out, or if you have any tips let me know in the comments below.  Happy Easter! x

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