Oh god, my face!

Today I went to get passport photos taken.  It’s been a long time since I was in one of those little photo booths with the curtain and the spinny stool.  Here’s what went through my mind, in order:

1. You’re not allowed to smile.  Smiling’s my favourite!

2. The first time I use this new passport will be on a surprise holiday that my boyfriend has booked for my birthday; therefore the likelihood of me not smiling is minimal.
3. I now desperately want to watch Amelie.

4. There is no facility to add any kind of Snapchat/Instagram filter, and as such this is the first time I have seen my actual face in ages. I definitely prefer it when I have unnaturally large eyes and augmented rabbit ears.

5. Tomorrow I will treat myself to some anti-wrinkle cream.

6. I was just in Boots – why on earth didn’t I pick up anti-wrinkle cream while I was in there?

7. Apparently pink shampoo is very distracting. And only ┬ú2.99. Bargain…

8. If anti-wrinkle cream works why do I still have finger prints?