Nail Don’ts #1

Painting nails in a moving car is not the best way to go about it

A First World Problem

Don’t paint your nails in the car!

We were off to a wedding, and that of course meant a gorgeous-yet-subtle nail art design to compliment my outfit.  Or so I thought…  Normally I’d make a start on something like that the evening before, but instead we’d been to the cinema for a date night (Bad Moms – I highly recommend it!) so the nail varnish had to wait.

I’d painted my nails white, with the intention of masking off a couple of chevrons on each nail, daubing a mix of coordinating colours on top with a sponge, finishing off with a glitter top coat on the ring fingers etc. etc. (something simple, you know?)

As it turned out, my white polish was far too think and gunky and it was taking forever to dry.  Realising I only had a short time to get ready (I was still in my dressing gown by this point) I made the sacrilegious choice to remove all my nail varnish, and only make a start on my nails once I was showered, dressed, made-up and hair-did.  Ha!

In true getting-ready fashion I had absolutely no time left whatsoever to do anything with my nails, but there was no way on earth that I’d show up to a wedding with not so much as a base coat on them.  There was only one thing for it; I would have to paint them in the car.

The wedding was about an hour away from where we live, so that was ample time to slosh on a colour or two and let it dry.  Risky, but there were no alternatives.  With the miniature bottle clamped firmly between my knees I began painting each nail in turn.  This wouldn’t have been so bad had we been driving on a nice smooth motorway, but of course this entire journey was on narrow, winding country roads.  Luckily for me I’m now quite skilled in the art of finding the perfect shade of nail polish, and the grey I was using was the exact same colour as my dress, so any spillages wouldn’t have been too problematic.  The real risky colour was the pink shade… (Well I couldn’t just paint my nails in one colour, could I???)

After managing to get two coats on my nails (and feeling quite chuffed about achieving full-coverage) I willed them to try for the rest of the journey (incidentally this is how I paint my toes, except I always do it the night before and then scrub off the excess in the shower.  Looks perfect every time). I was desperately trying to rub/pick/scratch off the nail varnish that had not been lucky enough to land on my nail, and only just about managed it before we got to the venue.

This was a lesson learned.  Luckily I managed not to spill a drop but I doubt I’d be as lucky next time.  I’m sure the result was better than had I tried to paint them in the cinema though…


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