Pop Art


Limited Edition US Import watermelon flavour pop tarts

Watermelon Pop Tarts

I’m a sucker for American Candy, so I couldn’t resist spending far more than necessary on a box of limited edition watermelon flavoured Pop Tarts when I had the chance.  I also thought they’d make a pretty neat nail art design!

Colours required:
A biscuit base colour
Icing colours, depending on the flavour of pop tart you want to achieve!

Nail Art pens work really well for this

Skill level:

I started off with a biscuit-coloured base (Barry M’s Caramel Matte shade), although this colour was a bit too nude so it looks lost against the icing.  I think next time I’ll try and find more of a golden colour.

I mixed things up too and went for different pop tart flavours. You could tone it down and go for one flavour overall, but where’s the fun in that?

Start off with a layer of your biscuit colour.  Once dry, add a lick of icing colour (i.e. white, pink etc.) on top, making sure you leave a rim of the biscuit showing.  For a true Pop Tart look make this slightly square, but not too neat.  Look at actual Pop Tarts for inspiration – none of them are perfect!

Most Pop Tarts either have a couple of squiggles of contrasting icing on top, or sprinkles.  I’d packed all my glitter away so my nail art pens came in really handy for this.  Again you don’t have to be too precise, just a couple of wibbly lines down each nail will look fine!  I used a big bold glitter on my thumbnails for a ‘Funfetti’ flavour effect.  Just because.

Pop tart inspired nail art in a variety of flavours

Pop Tart nails

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