Flying Tiger, Hidden Goodies

Flying Tiger surprise bag

Surprise! My goodie bag haul from Flying Tiger

I’ve been very quiet on the blog front over the last couple of months, partly due to a particular project I’ve been working on for a certain wedding!  I’ve now got some more time on my hands, plus lots of pictures of my latest shortbread endeavours to upload, so in every sense I am back.  But before I get stuck in to painting my nails etc. here’s my latest blog-worthy purchase, from one of my all-time favourite shops for ‘stuff’, Flying Tiger.  The last time I popped in they had some funky-looking surprise gift bags, for a phenomenally bargain-tastic price of £2!  Some had either ‘adult’ or ‘child’ written on the top as an indicator to range of contents inside, but I managed to find a blank one.  Since I’m a child at heart I wouldn’t have minded either way, but this meant it would be even more of a surprise.

I was really pleased with the haul!  For £2 I had a collection of heart-shaped sticky notes, a set of 5 A6 notebooks, mini pegs with moustaches, some brilliant decorative tape that adds a line of colourful bugs on to your projects, a rubbery red calculator, some speech bubble stickers, jazzy glitter confetti (get in!!!) and some paperclips shaped like little men (II can’t quite tell if they’re dancing or if they’re supposed to look like the chalk outline you get round a dead body – perhaps I’ve been watching too much CSI).

There’s a good chance that I’ll be picking up one of these every time I pop in to Tiger.  I can’t wait to see what I’ll get next!

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