Sushi Nails

Salmon and seaweed sushi inspired nail art design

Whenever I’m asked what my favourite food is the answer is always “sushi”, so it was about time I experimented with a sushi-inspired nail art session… 


Colours used:
Base coat
Salmon colours: Barry M Gelly Hi-shine, Papaya and Nails Inc. Draycott Pl.
Seaweed/nori: The lumpy old black that I still desperately need to replace, and Revlon Colorstay, 290 Midnight
Barry M Plumpy Top Coat

Wedge sponge
Fine liner paintbrush

Skill level:

I’ve loved sushi for years, but since Deliveroo added YO! Sushi to their lineup I’ve become quite the takeaway sushi addict.  So much so, that I even got an invite for my local Deliveroo’s first birthday party, which is taking place at (wait for it….) YO! Sushi!  (massive squeal!!!).  It therefore seemed highly appropriate to give myself some sushi-themed nails for the occasion.

Rather than paint images of actual sushi on my nails I thought I’d opt for a more ‘inspired by’ look, taking colours and styles from some key sushi elements – in this case salmon and nori (seaweed).

For the nori I wanted to do more than just black, so the first stage was a single coat of Revlon’s Midnight, which is a really dark teal.  Sushi is very dark when wrapped around rice and fish etc. but when the sheets are dry it looks much more green.  The teal worked well as a base for this, although I would have opted for a dark green nail varnish, had I had one in my collection.  I didn’t (the horror!).

To give it a bit of texture I dabbed on some black on top, but only very slightly with practically no nail paint on the brush – just dry scratchy patches.  Build these up until you’ve only just covered the majority of the teal underneath, but so that it shows through in places.  You can’t see this very well in the picture I took, but the close up effect on my actual nail is unmistakably nori-tastic.  Hmmm…. Have I just invented seaweed nail wraps?!

For the salmon, this was two layers of the Papaya shade.  Salmon pink is an easy shade to come by, and of course I had a Barry M shade to hand this time.  Once dry I used a gradient technique to give it some depth.  Use the thin edge of a wedge-shaped cosmetic sponge, and streak a thin line of the same salmon colour with another slightly deeper/redder colour.  Dab this diagonally over each nail to build up the colour.  When dry use a white gel pen or a very fine brush to draw lines following pattern, to give it that salmon flesh look.  Both the salmon and the seaweed look great with a really glossy top coat.

Salmon and seaweed sushi inspired nail art design


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