Matte & Glitter

Matte White and Red Glitter Nails holding a red coffee mug

You have probably guessed by now that I can never just paint my nails one colour.  Even if I’m in a hurry I have to mix it up somehow.  That was exactly what happened with my latest nail-painting session: Matte & Glitter.

Colours used:
Base coat
White: Barry M Gelly Hi-shine, Cotton
Black: Some lumpy old thing I desperately need to replace
Red: Barry M Gelly Hi-shine, Blood Orange and Barry M Red Glitter
Glossy top coat and Barry M Matte Top Coat

Nothing special required

Skill level:

This one doesn’t require a great long explanation!  Paint your nails white on one hand (leaving your ring finger for the accent colour), and black on the other – if you fancy it of course.  I think 3 colours must be my personal minimum.  Give your ring fingernail a lick of red, and top off with a couple of layers of red glitter.  Always use a top coat with the glitter colours, otherwise the colour rubs off the glitter itself and they just look dull.  I went with my good ol’ favourite which is Barry M ‘Plumpy’ top coat, which is brilliant for filling in the tiny gaps between the glitter and giving you a smooth, glossy, gel-like finish.  This will really make them stand out compared to the matte nails.

I love black, white and red together but didn’t have time to do anything too intricate (tuxedo nails are fab for a black & white theme).  Once your nails are dry, finish them off with a layer off the Matte Top Coat.  Easy.

Matte white and red glitter nails on a black leather jacket background

Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white…

Matte Black and red glitter nails on a black leather jacket background

Serve with leather for Rock Chick realness

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