Angriest Whopper nail art

This is my angriest manicure yet! But why?

When I’m not making/drawing things I don the moniker of Miss Milkshake: side-dish to the legendary Burger Lad®.  Burger Lad is to the burger industry what Ron Burgundy is to the Channel 4 News Team; he’s kind of a big deal.  And today, as Miss Milkshake, I was joining him on another burger adventure.

We were invited to Burger King’s flagship branch in Leicester Square, London (not for the first time I might add) to try the latest burger, soon to be revealed.  Soon to be revealed to the general public that is, because Burger Lad already knew exactly what the surprise would be, which is why he’s so prolific in the burgersphere; it’s just what he does.

The new burger, released today, is the Angriest Whopper – even more angry than the Angry Whopper released back in 2013.  I don’t know what it takes to piss off a burger, but this bad-boy came packed with attitude, fuming inside a bright red, hot sauce-infused burger bun of rage.  You can read about the full experience on the official Burger Lad website.

For me though, it was the perfect opportunity for a quick nail art tribute – and let’s face it, if life is instantly better when your nails match your outfit, then imagine how much things improve when they also match your food.

The technique was easy – just a red base (Barry M – Blood Orange) with a 4 colour gradient on top: Barry M Burgundy Crush, Blood Orange, Mango, and Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow).  A quick lick of yellow and white made the Angry Whopper eyes, and after the top coat I was all set.

Angriest Whopper nail art with the burger

The Angriest Whopper – the key is to accessorise…

Angriest Whopper promotional picture

Angriest Whopper promotional artwork

If you’d like to find out more about the adventures of Burger Lad® you can follow him here:

Facebook: /burger.lad
Twitter: @Burger_Lad
Instagram: @Burger_Lad
YouTube: Burger Lad
Vine: Burger Lad

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