Neko Atsume

Cute cat Neko Atsume nail art

First attempt at Neko Atsume nails


You have my sister to blame/thank for this one!  She introduced me to Neko Atsume – the cute Japanese cat game for your phone that you need in your life right now.This is my first attempt at this design, so next time I’ll do a tutorial, but for now here’s how I did it:

Colours required:
A base coat (pastel colours would work really well)
Cat colours (grey, beige, black, brown etc.)

Black Sharpie pen

Skill level:

I started by painting a curve of the base colour of the cat on each nail.  Next, add the ears with a smaller brush.  This one gets fiddly…

Add the details (white patches etc.) with nail varnish, then allow to dry completely for attempting the outline.  I haven’t mastered the art of fine lines without making a mess of my manicure, plus my black nail polish was getting rather gunky so that wasn’t happening.  Instead I outlined my cats with a black Sharpie pen.  I find these work great on nails (and practically everything else) provided the nail polish is fully dry first.  Plus, it’s a lot easier than using nail varnish and a fine brush.

Apply a top coat and help yourself to a generous helping of Frisky Bits – you’re done.

First attempt at Neko Atsume nails


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