Matte & Glitter

Matte White and Red Glitter Nails holding a red coffee mug

You have probably guessed by now that I can never just paint my nails one colour.  Even if I’m in a hurry I have to mix it up somehow.  That was exactly what happened with my latest nail-painting session: Matte & Glitter. Continue reading

St George’s Day

Some celebrate it; some don’t.  I don’t mind either way, I just know that this is the image which I conjure up in my head when someone mentions St George’s Day:

St George's Day beer

Drawn so long ago I honestly can’t remember how I did it.  Pretty sure it was on the iPad.

Basic Shortbread

Classic Shortbread Stars with pink sugar

My shortbread recipe has gone down really well with family, friends and colleagues.  I’ve tweaked (and in my humble opinion greatly improved) the recipe over time, and learnt a few tips along the way to get a really good result.  Once you have a recipe you’re happy with you can always add your own flavours too, giving you endless possibilities. Continue reading

The Dong with a Luminous Nose

Still one of my all time favourite books, and one of the first I learnt to read, is The Quangle Wangle’s Hat by Edward Lear.

Illustration of the Dong with the Luminous Nose from The Quangle Wangle's Hat by Edward Lear
A long time ago I planned to do an animated version of this, and maybe someday I will.  This was a character sketch I did for one of the characters in the poem: the Dong with the luminous nose.

Love n Mascara

80s pinup with pink hair, stockings and leopard print

Love n Mascara

This is actually a really old picture of mine, drawn nearly 10 years ago on Photoshop.  I used to add my artwork to Deviant Art back in the day, which was where I stumbled across this photograph of Love-n-Mascara.  I loved the photo so much I decided to draw it.  I loved her response too: “EEK! I adore the living hell out of it!”

R x