Flower Cups

Flowers made from pancakes in a flower pot filled with chocolate cake

Flower Cups

Since Spring is officially in the air I thought I’d share my Flower Cups.  This was a treat for two very small people (aged 5 and 6 at the time) which was a bit more fun than serving it up in the ‘normal’ way (do I ever serve anything the normal way?).

I knew my mum had the espresso cups and saucers lurking in the back of the cupboard.  I’ll probably pinch these at some point since she’s a tea drinker anyway, but they worked perfectly for my ‘flower pots’.

The flowers and leaves were cut out of ready-to-eat Scotch pancakes with a cookie cutter.  I only had a plastic one which is why the edges look a bit crumbly.  A metal cutter and a slightly warm pancake should give a better result.

The ‘soil’ was an iced chocolate cupcake which I mashed together with clean hands (I told you I liked to play with my food) but you can always use a spoon if you really have to.  This was packed into the flower pots tightly, so that the stalk (a wooden skewer) would stand up and support the flower.  Don’t worry – I snipped the sharp end off.  You really don’t need it, particularly if you’re making this for younger ones.

The centre of the flower was a small blob of Nutella, but jam would look just as lovely.  There you go: Flower Cups.

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