BB-8 inspired

Star Wars BB-8 nail art

I was so excited when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit our cinema screen (so much in fact that I ended up seeing it about 5 times!), so naturally I had to do a Star Wars inspired theme at some point.  I didn’t want to paint actual characters or logos on my nails, partly because I’ve seen this done so many times before but mostly because it looked too fiddly, so I took one of my favourite characters from the film (in this case BB-8!) and created a more simplified design based on his signature orange and white appearance.

Colours used:
Base coat/top coat
Orange: Barry M Gelly Hi-shine, Mango
White: Barry M Gelly Hi-shine, Cotton
Other accent colours (peach, silver, grey)

Dotting tool (1 small, one large)

Skill level:


For this design I started off with an orange base on 3 nails, and silver on my ring finger and thumb.  I love the trend for painting your ring finger a different colour (and hats off to whoever started that!) but it just isn’t enough for me any more – so I usually paint my thumbnail a a different colour too.

Once the base colour was dry, the fun started.  First the silver nails got a coat of white, leaving a silver border round the edge.  Then the dotting tool came out again, using pale orange and grey alongside the other colours I’d used already.  I thought doing dots on all the orange nails would be a bit much, hence the BB-8 shapes on the two nails (or snowmen, if you’re not a fan of Star Wars).

I’ll probably try something along these lines with other Star Wars characters, and work with colours and shapes rather than actual images of the characters.  If there are any you’d like to see, leave a comment below!  R x


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